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Credit Policy For Used Books

Please note: We are not accepting large donations at this time.

We offer store credit towards other books for your gently used books. Here are some general guidelines for credit amounts and types of books that are accepted. If you have more than 20 books it is highly recommended you call or email ahead of time to see how many we are able to accept and when the best time is to bring them in. At this time we are unable to offer cash.

.50-$1 credit – Mass market paperbacks, fiction & non-fiction, less than 10 years old,
originally priced $5.99-9.99
$1-2 credit – Trade paperbacks less than 10 years old, originally priced $10.00 & up
$3-5 credit – Hard covers, fiction & non-fiction, 5-10 years old
$5 credit – Hard covers, fiction & non-fiction, 2-4 years old
25% of cover price credit – Hard covers, fiction & non-fiction, less than 2 years old

Children’s books – only clean & unmarked
Paperbacks originally priced under $5.00 – 3 books for $1.00 credit
Hard covers originally priced $10 & up – $1.00 credit
Board books – $.50 each credit

Books more than 10 years old and Book Club editions will be accepted at the owner’s discretion. We DO NOT accept magazines, Reader’s Digest condensed volumes, encyclopedia sets or books with poor bindings, stains or missing covers.

How credit may be used
Full amount of credit may be used towards other used books in stock.
Credit for up to 50% off new books may be used, i.e. $10.00 credit for a $10.00 new
book may be redeemed for $5.00 with a $5.00 cash balance due and remaining $5.00 credit to be used on a future purchase.
Sorry, we cannot redeem any credits for non-book items.

Updated 06/19/2019